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Onboard, verify and authenticate
users across Africa

Smile Identity uses Computer vision and Machine learning to validate true identity


Self-registration with real user photos & ID documents


Validate true identity using face recognition + trusted databases


Authenticate with a selfie — anywhere, anytime on any smartphone, or

Building Trusted Ecosystems

We solve identity for banks, telecoms, financial services and shared economy applications in Africa and beyond.

Driving Value Across Industries

Custom configurations and workflows to meet the needs of enterprises and developers

Time & Attendance


Telecom & SIM Registration


Fintech & Digital Lending


Mobile Banking

Solve time and attendance one smile at a time

Innovative clock-in for contemporary businesses to track employees in any location.
Track attendance of distributed staff
Ensure right person, right time, right location
Queue offline check-ins and sync when coverage returns

Telecom & SIM Registration

SIM issuance compliance has never been easier
Ensure regulatory compliance with user data capture and audit trail
Confirm initialization with a SmartSelfie™ to prevent unauthorized SIM swaps
Confirm account changes or recovery with a SmartSelfie™

Fintech & Digital Lending

Democratise access to finance by leveraging data and technology
The strongest, fastest KYC available in Africa
Confirm user selfies and information, match IDs and national databases
Block fraud with spoof checks, deduplication and human review

Enable truly branchless banking

Open accounts from anywhere with zero paperwork and full audit trail
Replace HW tokens and OTPs with true 2Factor Authentication
Proof of liveliness checks enable KYC collection on any smartphone
Validate face and ID data with issuing authorities

Built For Developers

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Download to Start, Integrate to Scale

SDKs, APIs and sample code for developers to test and build their own apps

No integration to start

Download APK and login

One integration to scale

Mobile APK, SDK and APIs.

​Trusted by Companies & Institutions

What you guys are doing is awesome.
- IT Director for IPRS (Kenyan National ID System)