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Onboard, verify, and authenticate users across Africa.

Smile Identity provides the best solutions for real time Digital KYC, identity verification, user onboarding, and user authentication across Africa.

Trusted by Africa's fastest growing companies

Africa’s Leading Digital KYC Solution

The widest Digital KYC reach in Africa

Smile Identity has the widest reach across Africa, with more coverage, more ID types, more countries, more integrations, more scale, and more support than anyone else.

here are some statistics:

  • 250m+

    Smile Identity ID Validation covers over 250 million identities across Africa

  • 15+

    Smile Identity connects to over 15 different ID authorities across 5 of Africa’s largest economies, and counting

Acquire and Verify New Users with Confidence

ID verification and KYC compliance headaches don’t have to hinder your growth. We will take care of the technology while you focus on what matters. Onboard customers with as little as a selfie, or step up your security to meet tiered KYC requirements with ID validation, liveness checks, bank account verification and address verification in select markets.

Trusted by Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies

We provide critical identity verification infrastructure to fuel your hyper growth.

Over a hundred organizations of all sizes — from startups to Banks to Telecoms — use Smile Identity's software and APIs to complete KYC requirements and stop fraud.

Smile Identity helped power Chipper's hyper-growth across Africa by enabling a great KYC user experience for our customers.

With Smile Identity, we were able to automate our entire compliance process and reduce KYC completion time from 2 days to 2 minutes.

Maijid Moujaled - President & Co-Founder, ChipperCash

Smile Identity’s liveness checks, identity verification, and AI-aided fraud detection service have allowed us to focus on other important things while effortlessly providing an onboarding and ID verification experience that is easy, frictionless, and compliant.

Babs Ogundeyi CEO, Kuda Bank

AI Optimized for Africa

Our machine learning algorithms are optimized by Africans for Africans. We make facial verification services for non-surveillance, consent-based financial inclusion and access.

Since our founding, Smile has recognized the Eurocentric bias in most face recognition technologies and has optimized deep transfer learning methods with supervised human review, to de-bias state of the art AI models’ performance on African faces.

features of our ai

  • Face detection
  • Face verification
  • Liveness / Anti-spoof checks
  • Face deduplication
  • De-biased AI
  • Human review

Prevent fraud before it happens with built-in fraud detection

Easily confirm the authenticity of your customers using Smile Identity's built-in liveness checks, backed by an extra layer of human review. Prevent bots and bad actors from creating bogus accounts or profiles in your system; no high-end phones required.

Stay compliant even when you scale

At Smile Identity, we use the most advanced security measures commercially available to protect your data, as well as that of your customers and employees. We operate as a data processor for our Partners with local incorporation and compliance in each market.

Validate true identity super fast, in real time

Make lightning fast calls to our ID APIs + Face Verification + Liveness / Anti-Spoof, all in a matter of seconds. Onboard thousands of customers a day without breaking a sweat.

Success Rate


Avg. Processing Time

2.1 secs (+98%) Efficient

Framework Agnostic

Integrate with the Technology You Prefer

Whether you’re onboarding users to an Android, iOS, or hybrid mobile app; or performing KYC from a server based or web application written in Java, .NET, PHP, Python, or other language, Smile Identity has an SDK for you to get you up and running quickly!

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