Smile Identity | SF Bay Area | Machine Learning

Smile Identity solves hard problems of identity for high value transactions in low-trust environments. We are backed by Vinod Khosla, 500 Startups and CRE Venture Capital, Savannah Fund and the Catalyst Fund.

The Role

Smile Identity’s mission is to make the benefits of a modern digital lifestyle universally accessible by expanding trust in underserved markets. Core to achieving this mission is making decisions with the highest possible accuracy as quickly as possible, when people’s money and safety are on the line.

We’re looking for a lead engineer with experience in computer vision or machine learning who wants to be a key part of a team enabling services that help millions of people get access to a better life.

You will lead development in a core area of our technology -- building and improving our artificial intelligence and analytics engine.

As our first hire in machine learning and the person who reports to our CTO on algorithm evaluation, selection and performance, you must be an incredibly talented engineer and possess a solution-oriented, creative mathematical mind.

As the state of the art advances, end user devices change, and our datasets become richer, you will constantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of our engine by evaluating and integrating new algorithms, and measuring the impact of sideband data and 3rd party database integrations on overall confidence scores.

Overtime, you will build and lead a team of ML and data science specialists in image processing, OCR, and face recognition/verification.


  • Develop scalable classifiers on our data and run regressions to establish rules-based models.
  • Develop and test hypotheses on how non-image side channel data can be used to reinforce our results or reduce the challenge of 1:N image search and 1:1 authentication.
  • Code your models and hypotheses into test and production environments with the help of our CTO.
  • Evaluate new algorithms as they emerge, compare alternative configurations, recommend and implement improvements.
  • Benchmark our results against known world-class standards for accuracy from NIST and other international bodies.
  • Manage a team of researchers and interns in the U.S. and possibly overseas (CMU-Rwanda) in our target markets.
  • Overtime, build and lead a team of ML and data science specialists in image processing, OCR, and face recognition/verification.
  • As our data set grows, develop deep learning models that combine image and sideband data scaled to millions of users

Minimum Qualifications

  • You understand security, the need to protect our clients’ privacy and the integrity of our data.
  • You understand the need for instrumenting. We need metrics for everything.
  • You are highly entrepreneurial. You take the initiative to solve problems as they arise, love to troubleshoot, and are flexible — we work across time zones, cultures and industries.
  • You are a great collaborator. You know that startups are a team sport. You speak your mind but also listen to others.
  • You can take the heat. You are organized, do well under pressure, and can prioritize multiple tasks.
  • 3+ years of relevant work or academic experience in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Computer Vision.
  • Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including C/C++ or Python.

Preferred Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or related technical field.
  • Experience as part of a team that handled critical decisions at scale — we are ultimately responsible for major decisions that affect real outcomes in people's lives.
  • You see yourself as a leader and a seeker of truth.

Qualified and Interested?

Email resume to talent@smileidentity.com or reach out through a mutual connection to one of the members of our team.